News about Beauty & Personal Care

How to Look Naturally Beautiful

Harsh chemicals, hours in front of the mirror, an expensive blow dryer and hair products – none of these are necessary to look beautiful. Here are some natural choices to look and feel great. For a radiant complexion start by cleaning your skin and then rubbing some sliced grapes over it – they are an excellent nat… read more

Coconut Oil: A Dry Hair Miracle

If you have dry or heat-damaged hair then coconut oil is just the thing! For parched hair it's enough to do a once monthly hair mask to add moisture, breakage protection and encourage hair growth. Here's how: before heading off to bed pull out your coconut oil, a comb and a shower cap. Heat the oil until it's warm to t… read more

Managing Curly Hair in the Summer

While some people are blessed with naturally sleek, straight hair even after a swim, some of us have the burden of managing frizzy, unruly curls on the go and with no styling appliances. Especially over summer, girls with curls have to get creative with taming their tresses in the great outdoors. Since camping trips an… read more

Tips for Low Maintenance Beauty

There is something to be said for sticking to a low maintenance beauty regimen; not only does minimal makeup and carefree styling look more fresh and youthful than being overdone, but spending less time in front of the mirror also means that there is more time to be out there living life! Confidence is beautiful, and a… read more

Minimal Makeup Tricks

The more makeup sitting on your face, the more upkeep it takes throughout the day. When concealer, foundation and powder are all caked on, it takes more time and energy to keep those layers looking smooth and evenly distributed. No one wants to have to always carry around a sack of beauty products to have to reapply co… read more