News about Apparel

Trends in Knitting

Knitting is no longer just for grandmothers, today it's a trend for people of all ages with a huge range of possibilities as far as design and creativity go. Only a few years ago knitting began to turn a new page and appeal to young crafters, simultaneously a large array of colorful, inventive new yarns, patterns and r… read more

Recycle Your Clothes

Most people don't know that textiles, including apparel, makes up 12.7 million tons of waste. Its our job to reduce this number by thinking up creative strategies to reuse unwanted clothing. Whether you are making a quilt, jewelery, upcycling or something of your own invention - it makes a difference! Though there are … read more

Why Choose Organic Apparel?

Like shopping for organic food, the choice to buy organic clothing is one that impacts your body, the environment and the economy - just to name the most obvious. Today's conventional cotton uses pesticides and herbicides that have been linked to cancer and are environmentally hazardous, while cotton only occupies 3% o… read more

Top Apparel for Teens

Getting the best-dressed award in your school yearbook doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. Good style is creativity, a sense of proportion and an excellent eye for color. Teens love to shop, in fact, they make up a large part of today's consumer market, especially regarding apparel. However, encourage your teen to… read more

Essential Wardrobe Apparel

It's possible to own a minimum amount of apparel and always look great. You just need to curate your wardrobe with care, creating a base collection of wardrobe essentials that work in many ways and keep you looking and feeling good. To begin: a plain white t-shirt. Obviously, the choices are endless. Then, select a com… read more