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The Great Gatsby Film

Everyone is speaking about the latest Baz Luhrmann's film, The Great Gatsby, so here's what we think. In general Baz Luhrmann took a lot of risks when creating one of America's most well known and revered books into a film. However, Mr. Luhrmann remains faithful to the book in the text, key moments and dialogue. The co… read more

The Serpentine Pavilion in London

The question was how to make a cloud out of steel, and Suo Fujimoto responded. One of the world's top new architects, Fujimoto made a cloud out of 28 kilometers of thin metal tubes that were cut up into tiny sections (27,000) and then rejoined (in 10,000 places). This will be the new pavilion of Serpentine Gallery, whe… read more

Lou Reed's Liver Transplant

And yet another major rock star has undergone a liver transplant and survived. The 71 year old Lou Reed declared that he feels, "bigger and stronger" than ever shortly after he had a liver transplant. He claims the mix of modern medicine and Tai Chi has kept him in health all these years. Wife Lauri Anderson declared t… read more

Top Site for Arts and Entertainment

Have you ever heard of the website If you love celebrity gossip and following the latest fashion successes and failures, this is the site for you. Written by two witty and forked-tongue Hollywood fashionistas, it will have you laughing until you cry. Follow the latest appointments of Prince William a… read more

Best TV Series of All Time

When it comes to art and entertainment, the choices are varied and endless, but here are some suggestions for the best TV series of all time. Let's start with comedy: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is full of pearls of genius hilarity to share with viewers. If you loved Seinfeld, this show will tickle more than just your funny… read more