News about Finance

The First Step to a Strong Career in Finance

The first step to a strong career in finance is a good education with the right degree. This is where young professionals will get their first taste of what skills and knowledge are necessary to succeed in their business aspect of choice. Today's financial schools are well-equipped to offer students the training they w… read more

Should You Speak About Money Before Marriage?

An important discussion, one that can in fact make or break a marriage, is apparently more difficult for most couples to have than deciding which style for the wedding band or other nerve-wracking, forever-style, questions. The topic most people are skirting around is finances, a common source of disagreement among cou… read more

Best Credit Card for International Travel

It's a well known fact that the easiest and most cost-effective way to have access to your money while traveling is by withdrawing money from an ATM machine or using a credit card for purchases. When choosing which credit card to use, consider the following information. For once, you don't want to find foreign transact… read more

Help! Can't Afford Your Student Loans?

The common options for those who are having trouble paying off their student loans is to use student loan forbearance or deferment, which, while both valid financial aid tools, may be an expensive mistake. Though at first these and other programs may seem like a blessing: immediate relief from financial hardship, but n… read more

How to File for Bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a very serious choice. By entering into bankruptcy a series of federal laws are activated that will allow someone to be unburdened of his or her debts and start again financially with a clean slate. In 2005, it became more complicated to start over again after bankruptcy, this means i… read more