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Immigrate to an American Boom Town

Normally one thinks of immigrants as coming in from another country to live in the USA. However, sometimes it's right for us Americans to pack our bags and head to a new city with new opportunities. A Southwestern city growing in leaps and bounds is Austin, TX. It has a huge pull with the music festival South by Southw… read more

Top Colleges That Break Your Budget

Many people don't even consider college when they find out that the price for private schools is over $100,000 for four years. However, if you are a family with financial need, the price will actually be lower. With Ivy League schools like Harvard tacking on a $45,000 a year price tag, one starts to consider state scho… read more

Smart Money Moves to Make Before 30

The tech-savvy generation is beginning to turn 30 and as such they will begin to have more financial issues on their mind. It's starting to become the time for a long-term savings account, to consider a retirement fund, one begins to make debt and mortgage payments and other family related costs become a reality. Howev… read more

What Being a Finance Major Entails

A college degree in finance has a wide range of uses. Finance skills are applicable in nearly every field and will also allow graduating students to advance their education by getting a specialized financial degree afterwards. Your basic bachelor's degree in finance will include money management skills, financial plann… read more

How to Obtain a Job in Finance

The choices for a job in the financial field are endless! Besides the vast possibilities, it's a field that is open to all sorts of people and backgrounds because besides the fact that you'll need your math skills, good business also includes an important creative aspect. Due to the high level of competition in the fie… read more