News about Family & Community

Improving Poor Communication

Relationship issues are many and varied, just as much so as different relationships themselves. However, one of the fundamental causes of relationship problems is poor communication. By building strong, clear communication between the people in a relationships many communication issues may be avoided. It's so common fo… read more

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Recent statistics show that around the world 1 in 3 women suffers from verbal or physical abuse. This number is extremely high and shows that violence against women is a very real problem that is happening right now. In many cases, due to an unhappy family life or childhood, or simply because the person knows no better… read more

Public Schools vs. Private Schools

Every parent wants the best for their children and when they become old enough to begin school, many parents decide to send them to a private school instead of the public one. Many hold the belief that private schools are inherently better than public ones; public schools are often underfunded, so it is assumed that th… read more

Dealing With Indoor Allergies

Identifying where allergies stem from can be very difficult, and when a child is suffering from allergies, it can be very worrying if the root of the problem cannot be found. One of the most common allergies that children suffer from stems from pet dander; this means that dogs and cats are to blame for the sniffling an… read more

Sneaky Tips for Healthier Eating

Making healthy choices is an important part of investing in your child’s future. Children with childhood obesity have a greater risk of getting diabetes later in life, so it is truly important for parents to make responsible choices when it comes to preparing meals and packing lunches. The difficult part is not alway… read more