News about Family & Community

Hosting a Bar Mitzvah

Ironically, the party that follows the bar mitzvah usually gets more attention than the actual ceremony itself. It's actually a part of Jewish tradition that the child who is having the bar mitzvah host a party or festival afterwards. Recently though these festivals have become quite impressive and sometimes it seems t… read more

Volunteer in Your Community

A great way to meet new people and give back to your community is through volunteering. Though we are all pressed for time, volunteering is enriching and fulfilling - chances are after you begin you'll have too much fun to want to stop! The important thing is to choose a community service project in an area that means … read more

The Value of a Community Potluck

A community potluck is a great way to build and celebrate a strong neighborhood and community. Knowing your neighbors will improve your life and can also mean that you'll have a stronger network and support system. Throwing a community potluck will bring everyone together to meet, greet, discuss individual lives and pr… read more

Build a Community Garden

Bring your community together and enjoy getting your hands in the dirt while learning about the food to table movement by constructing a community garden. This is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Get started by pulling together neighbors, friends and everyone else who lives in your area. Regardless of wh… read more

Family Dinner Night Ideas

Bring the whole family together around the table. If finding time to spend with the whole family in one place together is difficult, consider planning a family dinner night. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a dish that everyone enjoys or the time to cook together, but once you start getting the family passionate a… read more