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Eat Your Vegetables: Grilled Eggplant Salad

If you are looking for new ways to enjoy delicious fresh Spring and Summer vegetables consider grilling. You don't even have to dig out the charcoal and fire up the grill, you can do it all with your oven or a heavy rigid grill pan. With a grill pan you'll need to heat the pan thoroughly over high heat and then, withou… read more

Best Low Fat Cheese Choices

You may have thought that cheese has to be entirely avoided when dieting, however, this is thankfully not the case! Cheese is a great source of protein, minerals, calcium and phosphorus – however it's also a source of saturated fat. Like most good things, cheese is best enjoyed in small quantities! In America we tend… read more

Celebrity Restaurant Owners

The progression from movie star or international musician to restaurant owner has become pretty standard these days. Celebrities have begun opening their own restaurants, bars, and night clubs either as silent partners or in many cases, even full-blown owners. Jay-Z has a chain of sports bars that are similar in a way … read more

Top Dining Apps for Smart Phones

With the incredible convenience of smart phone apps, finding a great place to eat has become about a thousand times easier. There are tons of options to choose from, but you ultimately only need one good dining app. One of the most popular apps of this kind is Yelp; you can search for restaurants and bars in your vicin… read more

Tips for Choosing a First Date Restaurant

The perfect spot for a date will obviously depend on the person you are taking on a date. There are however, a few general rules of thumb that can be useful in narrowing down the options. Especially for a first date, it is important to choose somewhere that will allow for comfortable conversation. This means that noisy… read more