News about Computer & Consumer Electronics

iPhone: The Consumer Electronic of Choice

We all know how popular the iPhone is, but what people aren't prepared for is the mad popularity that will come with the iPhone mini or the iPhone Lite. As of now, it's just a rumour that this product exists, but the fact is that is Apple wants to remain competitive, this is going to be a necessary product for them to … read more

Create a Computer Workspace

Do you work on the computer? If yes, here are some tips to create a comfortable computer-based work space in your home or office. A well-designed workspace will not only help you organize and perform better at your job, it will improve your health and physical well-being. You'll remain better-focused and help avoid bac… read more

How to Put Text on Pictures

Knowing how to put text on pictures or images so that they look just as you like is a very handy skill to have and will save you a lot of time fussing about on the computer. No matter if you are designing a logo, sign, brochure or something else, using text on an image will help readers understand your message. This ca… read more

How to Take a Screen Shot

Knowing how to take a screen shot of your whole desktop is a very useful skill. Whether you want to show your friend what's happening on your desktop or you need this to verify questions regarding work, with these instructions it's possible. Best of all you don't need special hardware or software. To begin, go to the s… read more

Does Nature Photography Harm the Environment?

What may have at first glance seemed like a simple question is actually quite complex. Sure, nature photography is an excellent way to sure the beauty of the natural world with people who may not be able to appreciate it first-hand. And in fact, in some cases it may be a powerful tool to raise awareness about animals t… read more