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Writing a Business Plan: A Road Map to Success

Though many people feel intimidated by the idea of writing out a business plan, this is an essential and useful first step in organizing one's ideas and goals while outlining a realistic business strategy to build revenue and stability in the coming years. A business plan should lay out the scope of the company and the… read more

Small Business Tips

It's possible to promote your small business without spending a fortune. The trick to good marketing is effective design and phrasing, choosing a target audience, and to change strategies regularly. You want to keep your clients on their toes and aware of what's new in your business. Today the frontier of marketing wit… read more

Top Business Ideas for 2013

Whether you are trying to think of a successful product or strategy for your business or just looking for inspiration in what's new on the market check out some of the following innovative projects. Bring the Facebook "like" into your everyday life and material reality. Sometimes retailers find that it's difficult to … read more

Business Cards: Make Your Card Stand Out

Want to give your business a boost? Then it's time to start promoting and improve your professional life with personalized business cards! If you have already searched online for business cards chances are you found tons of results offering free business cards, free templates, opportunities to create customized busine… read more

Labor Shortage for Trucking Companies in the USA

Trucking companies in the present moment have a shortage of workers around 30,000. New rules from the government that ensure reduced driving hours will create a need for an additional 100,000 drivers. Though this will open job opportunities the fact that there is already such a noticeable shortage may mean that working… read more