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Ledger Wallet: the hardware wallet to keep your crypto safe!

I'm pretty sure you know how crypto wallets need a key, a secret word, your log-in data and so on. Many informations to store in a place where YOU can always safely access them, without anyone else being able to do the same!Let's be honest, many of us end up saving these informations in emails, drafts on our… read more

Manage your Crypto with Ledger!

One powerful app and a safe, durable hardware wallet, to manage your crypto and keep them safe at the same time.Buying, Exchanging and Staking, everything is possible with Ledger App!You'll be able to easily grow your portfolio and keep it 100% safe thanks to the hardware wallet.Everything you do on the app, must be co… read more

Is the crypto-winter ending??

It's a turbulent year, the price of many widely traded tokens tumbled, many leading crypto platform collapsed and lots crypto-fanatics gave up, scared by the declining market. But, finally something is coming back to life! We don't know when crypto-winter will end yet, but the crypto-market seems to be stable, so if y… read more