News about Family & Community

Community Fundraising Ideas

Work together as a team to raise money for a common community cause! Whatever your fundraising goal or your interests, it's possible to create a tailored project that will bring people together, build community and build funds. There are many tried and trusted ideas for community fundraisers. The pot luck dinner with a… read more

Emotions for New Mothers

Though the media and our society depicts the moment a woman becomes a new mother as the most exciting and wonderful period of her life (thought at least they are honest and leave tired in there!), there is an unspoken side. Mixed emotions, depression and postpartum symptoms are all too common. No expectant mother can e… read more

The Reality of Being a Step Parent

If being a parent is the hardest job in the world, this means that being a step parent is even more demanding! The role of the step parent is blurry, especially for the children and navigating it to make everyone comfortable requires a lot of dedication and sensitivity. Children are easily confused by the change of a n… read more

Becoming and Older Parent

Today, with all the technology and advances regarding infertility, we are socially very aware and sensitive to a parent's age. Whatever ones choices regarding not having children previously, a pregnancy later in life is nothing to feel bad about and there are certain perks to being an older parent as well. Is there now… read more

Adoption & Your Family

Adopting a child is not an easy process. It's ironic, especially considering how many needy children there are in the world! However, if you want to adopt it may take several years, that is if you qualify. The choices are private adoption, foreign adoption, open adoption and independent adoption. Each has its own costs… read more