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Top NYC Museums

We all know that NYC has a huge array of museums to offer visitors, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to MOMA, the Guggenheim and other, more specific art museums, however, don't forget about cultural museums like the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. It documents how over 12 million lower class passengers went throu… read more

Top Books for Children

Literacy in the United States is defined as a person over age fifteen who is able to read and write. Literacy levels in this country vary greatly depending on various factors: urban vs. rural, the immigrant population level of a certain area and more. What is known is that one in four children will grow up without lear… read more

Will Smith & Son Make Film

If you are a Will Smith Fan, than this is a happy day! News is just out that in 2013 Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, will star together in a new film by M Night Shyamalan called “After Earth.” It's another science fiction film that is set in the future, a thousand years after society has abandoned the planet E… read more

The Future of 3D in Films

The future of 3D in the world of cinema brings out a heated debate. Martin Scorsese says he'll only make 3D movies for his future projects, James Cameron – the maker of Avatar – believes 3D is inevitable as the way all of us will view entertainment, while other critics find 3D to be a shallow stand in for poor acti… read more

Rihanna: Rolemodel?

Recently the singer and fashion designer Rihanna has come under a lot of slack for being a bad role model. She's sexy, immodest, and is often seen making rude gestures. However, why does Rihanna have to be a role model at all? As a woman, Rihanna comes under scrutiny because of her sexy dressing style with bosom and bo… read more