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Most people don't realize it, but many of the clothes we buy new still have the chemicals from the dyes, industrial cleaning agents and other products that are used in the preparation of a garment present in the fabric. That fabric is then in direct contact with our skin - the largest organ in the human body - and we a… read more

How to Make Silk Flowers

This season's hottest accessory is a gorgeous flower that never wilts: silk flowers. They look real and are a gorgeous alternative to real flowers without the time limits. To begin, gather your supplies together, you will need: thin floral wire, wire cutters, fabric pen, petal stencils, silk fabric, scissors, craft pai… read more

70s Clothing Making a Comeback

If you are someone that follows fashion chances are you have gotten into the habit of saving clothes that seem like they have gone in style – this is because you know they will always come back in later on. Someone that follows fashion knows it's cyclical and repeats itself. These days it's all about the 70s again. T… read more

Starting a Handmade Clothing Company

If you are a creative person that knows how to design clothes and sew, you may think about opening your own handmade clothing business. Today there are still many consumers who appreciate handmade originals, but unfortunately the numbers of seamstresses who can answer this demand are always shrinking. The business mark… read more

What is Fashion Sense?

Even though we live in a society that pushes a 'fashion and beauty' education on all the females that are a part of it, today many women still feel that they don't have a fashion sense or that they may not want one at all! The problem is there are so many choices available and trends change so quickly, if you don't hav… read more