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Why Few Auto Parts Should Be Purchased at Dealers

23 March 2015 While a car's parts are still under warranty, by all means take the automobile to have defective Auto Parts replaced by the dealer if there is no cost. However, unless there is a part that is unique to the individual model and make, most aftermarket Auto Parts will suffice when they need to be replaced. The items will most likely be up to seventy-five percent off what the dealer will charge for the name brand version.

The best thing to do is read the owner's manual along with any other material to find out what is under warranty and when they expire. In addition, if part of the car purchase includes a maintenance package with such things as free oil changes for life, get the freebie from the dealer.

However, when simple parts such as windshield wiper inserts, air filters or headlight bulbs need to be replaced and are not covered, buy Auto Parts from a discount parts store. These stores have catalogs that will find exactly the same part to fit most makes and models for significantly less.

These types of items are usually simple to install. Make sure the repair is not more complex. Wiper blade inserts are different from the wiper blade itself. Many independent mechanics will let owners bring parts and just pay for labor.

Published in: Automobiles » Auto Parts

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