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Where Millionaires Live

The rich just keep getting richer, with this year's global household wealth growing 7.8%. The highest growth level occurred in Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. These countries were followed up by a more contained growth in Western Europe and North America. Statistics show there are more m… read more

Use Pinterest for Your Business

We've all stumbled upon someone's pinterest board and spent hours scrolling through the collection of photos, now businesses are taking advantage of this technology to promote their products and services. You can use pinterest to promote your business as well, here are some tips that can help you drive up website traff… read more

What is the Internet?

We all call the Internet the World Wide Web, but what does that really mean? Only 40 years ago the Internet was born in California, today the majority of the world uses it for work and entertainment. However, let's not forget that the Internet is still a work in progress, as such, it's evolving and may one day evolve … read more

Rihanna Style

Today Rihanna is one of the top celebrities to stand out for her unique style. In fact, she was even given the opportunity to design her own line of clothing with River Island, an American clothing brand. Her look is so unique and iconic that millions of young women follow her style on several of the popular and highly… read more

Companies Try to Make Industrial Food Look Natural

In the latest of a multitude of ironies, the commercial food industry is now working to make their commercial food products look more natural and less processed and “perfect.” The billion dollar commercial food industry now wants to perfect the art of imperfection. For example, now that Domino's Pizza sells “arti… read more