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How to Make Swedish Clogs

Wooden soled shoes are all the rage this season. Now you can save a lot of money and learn a beautiful new hobby: make your wooden soled clogs! Swedish clogs are made with the same hand craftsmanship that was used on them in 70s when they first became hip to wear. The wooden sole is cut out on a machine from a resistan… read more

Hide Healthy Foods in a Brownie!

Some of you may have already heard about Jessica Seinfeld's (wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld) innovative recipe to get kids to eat their vegetables. The recipe is called Deceptively Delicious Brownies and inside this delicious taste are a ton of ingredients that are really good for you. Just remember not to eat them un… read more

Items You Would Never Expect to Be Stolen

If you aren't a thief, most likely you've only vaguely pondered what common stolen objects might be – something valuable, you may have thought: a car, expensive beauty products, jewelery, designer clothes, well here some of the most unexpected items that thieves love to steal! Prepare to be shocked, the most stolen b… read more

Apple Obsession

Apple products have been dominating the technological market for over a decade now. The first generation iPod already seems like an artifact of a long lost civilization. Now Apple laptops, namely the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, have become consumer favorites and often considered a must-have device. Apple software … read more

Best Street Food in Portland, Oregon

In general Portland, Oregon is a stand out city for food. Besides an array of great restaurants, a fun alternative for informal dining is to visit the street food stands. Over the past years the food carts or cooking sheds have grown in number and are now found all over the city clustered together. There's something fo… read more