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Dealing With Indoor Allergies

Identifying where allergies stem from can be very difficult, and when a child is suffering from allergies, it can be very worrying if the root of the problem cannot be found. One of the most common allergies that children suffer from stems from pet dander; this means that dogs and cats are to blame for the sniffling an… read more

Beginner's Guide to Juice Cleanses

Juice cleanses have been gaining popularity as of late. Many people swear by their results, but starting a juice cleanse requires a certain amount of discipline and research. Juice cleanses are not for everyone; people with certain food allergies or glucose-related sensitivities should definitely consult their doctor b… read more

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

If you are traveling to an exotic location, but still want to eat like a local there are certain guidelines to follow that can help you avoid becoming ill. To begin with, wash your hands often – especially before and after a meal – and use soap or carry an antibacterial gel. Be careful to not drink fruit shakes fro… read more

Healthier Grocery Shopping

It seems like the whole country is suddenly becoming more health conscious. Whether this is because of the new awareness of pesticides and GMOs, it has definitely led to changes in most grocery lists. Supermarkets like Whole Foods that carry organic and vegan products are notorious for being considerably more expensive… read more

Does Nature Photography Harm the Environment?

What may have at first glance seemed like a simple question is actually quite complex. Sure, nature photography is an excellent way to sure the beauty of the natural world with people who may not be able to appreciate it first-hand. And in fact, in some cases it may be a powerful tool to raise awareness about animals t… read more