News about Computer & Consumer Electronics

What is the Internet?

We all call the Internet the World Wide Web, but what does that really mean? Only 40 years ago the Internet was born in California, today the majority of the world uses it for work and entertainment. However, let's not forget that the Internet is still a work in progress, as such, it's evolving and may one day evolve … read more

Gadgets You Can Speak With?

Today there is a wide array of gadgets that human beings can speak with. The question we ask is why? Essentially, because it's easier to use speech communication to interact with all a gadgets features than to fill it with millions of buttons - which is difficult as humans want their tech devices to be ever-smaller. S… read more

The Dirty Sound of an MP3

As an MP3 is the most recent audio evolution, one assumes that it offers the highest quality sound. This however is just not true. When it was once CDs that seemed to lack the warmth of a record, today MP3s are missing something, with a fraction of the fidelity that a CD recording offers. The fact is that MP3s are miss… read more

Why Choose LED lights?

One of the most important consumer electronics of the past few years is LED lighting. LED stands for Light-emitting diode. What makes LED a stand out product is its phenomenal energy efficiency, long life span, little maintenance, and zero hazardous materials. LED lights also produce illumination that is both visually … read more

Will The Kitchen Robot Change Cooking Forever?

Have you heard about the Thermomix kitchen machine. In some European countries it is also called Bimby. It's reputation proceeds it as it seems to be able to create miracles in the kitchen. The Thermomix is made to multitask, it can cook, chop, weigh, crush, emulsify, whip, mix, steam, blend, knead, grind, simmer, grat… read more