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Ideas for Dining In

There's a crisis. Everybody can feel it and everyone is cutting corners, things which once seemed normal, like dining out once or twice a week, now are starting to seem like a rare luxury. However, there is no need to sacrifice the pleasure of good food and company, you can have it all and also save money. Most peopl… read more

What to Eat in Modena, Italy

Modena is well known for its rich and varied cuisine. There are many meat products, from hams and salamis, as well as the famous Modenese dish: Zampone. This is usually quite fatty and hardy and served during the holidays. Zampone is the hoof of a pig stuffed with other flavorful meats. It's usually served with polenta… read more

Proven Ways to Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Every mother or father knows well what it feels like to argue with a child to get him or her to eat vegetables or healthy food. Kids can be ridiculously stubborn! The good news is, it's not impossible, but it will require persistence and consistency from parents, but if you follow through you'll get results. To begin… read more

Hide Healthy Foods in a Brownie!

Some of you may have already heard about Jessica Seinfeld's (wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld) innovative recipe to get kids to eat their vegetables. The recipe is called Deceptively Delicious Brownies and inside this delicious taste are a ton of ingredients that are really good for you. Just remember not to eat them un… read more

Nordic Cuisine

Sweden is known for their fresh spring potatoes, so good they can be served with only butter and fresh dill. However, both traditional and innovative new cuisines are putting Sweden back on the map. Today's Nordic cuisine uses traditional cooking techniques and ingredients, some of which are disappearing, reviving them… read more