News about Apparel

How Old is Too Old to Wear a Miniskirt?

One is never too old to wear a miniskirt of any sexy clothing choice – it's all about attitude! Miniskirts – whether blue jean or black suede – are timeless and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you don't feel confident about your legs add a pair of tights or leggings. Todays' fashion icons, like Heidi… read more

Rihanna Style

Today Rihanna is one of the top celebrities to stand out for her unique style. In fact, she was even given the opportunity to design her own line of clothing with River Island, an American clothing brand. Her look is so unique and iconic that millions of young women follow her style on several of the popular and highly… read more

Celebrity Clothing Lines

Clothing lines designed by celebrities are becoming more and more popular these days; they are perhaps even more prevalent than celebrity endorsed fragrances! It is increasingly common for chart topping, internationally recognized artists like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna to have their own women’s apparel lin… read more

Appeal of American Apparel

The clothing company American Apparel is undoubtedly a large part of the hipster revolution, or it is at least responsible for keeping it dressed accordingly. The fact that American Apparel is a self-proclaimed sweatshop free company is important to many young people who wear their products. Their factory is located in… read more

The Future of Sustainable Clothing

The next generation of clothing may very well be made from organic materials like raw hemp! Sustainable apparel has been picking up steam in recent years. In the past, the low demand for such products has prevented its growth in the free market; sustainable production of a sustainable product could previously never rea… read more