News about Beauty & Personal Care

Top Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products

What you put on your skin becomes a part of your body, so choose with care. There are several harmful ingredients that are commonly used in personal care products, along with the other chemicals. Most of them contain at least one ingredient that may be linked to Cancer risks. Also note that the U.S. Food and Drug Admin… read more

Drink Water for Beauty

Water is one of Mother Nature's best kept beauty secrets. It will enhance yours kin, nails and hair while it benefits the body and helps it to keep “running” smoothly. By drinking water and remaining hydrated you can encourage fresh skin, you'll flush out toxins and help keep pores clean. It also will help you to l… read more

Coconut Oil For Beautiful Skin

Beauty products are ridiculously expensive and most of the time the price isn't even relevant to the quality! Thankfully, you can use the best ingredients without any unnecessary additives and get great skin and hair for much less. Just buy some coconut oil and make effective, low-cost beauty products on your own! Not … read more

Tea Tree Oil for Beautiful Skin

Though people with problem skin may be hesitant to put oil on their face, tea tree oil is an exception to the rule. In fact, it's so highly astringent most people don't realize it's an oil at all! Plus, it really works: 5% tea tree oil is as effective at treating acne as 5% benzoyl peroxide and much better for you! Tea… read more

Have a Sauna for Glowing Skin

With summer is rolling in at full force most of us aren't thinking about saunas – however, this detoxifying, immunity boosting and slimming health ritual can be a great choice for all seasons. Here's why: It has been shown that regular saunas and daily exercise can clear chemicals, drugs, pharmaceutical medicine an… read more