Manage your Crypto with Ledger!

One powerful app and a safe, durable hardware wallet, to manage your crypto and keep them safe at the same time.
Buying, Exchanging and Staking, everything is possible with Ledger App!
You'll be able to easily grow your portfolio and keep it 100% safe thanks to the hardware wallet.

Everything you do on the app, must be confirmed on the hardware wallet, which ensures you that every operation is directly made by you.
Even if someone tries to hack your account, they would never get their hands on your Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet, and this feature makes Ledger the safest way out there to manage your crypto!
That's why ledger wallets are the first AND ONLY hardware wallet certified for their security by ANSII, the french cyber security agency.
The chip inside the wallet is certified, able to withstand even the most sophosticated attacks.
Thank to its own custom operating system, and the genuine check authentication process, Ledger is truster by 5 million+ users around the world!

And, last but not least, Ledger Nano wallets are designed to be easy to bring with you wherever you go and can be mistaken for a common pen-drive.

Every single detail of the Ledger app and the Ledger wallet, is designed to ensure you the maximum of security and to be absolutely easy and intuitive to use.

You can find out more on Ledger website and get your new Hardware Wallet!

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