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Top Jobs for Travel

Want to get paid to see the world? If you can't afford to travel without work, here are some ideas. Consider working as a freelance writer/photographer. Contact companies like Lonely Planet and National Geographic. Today in certain countries there is a strong demand for ESL teachers, for example, working in Korea and A… read more

Why Read The New York Times?

Established in 1851, the New York Times is one of the greatest newspapers ever published. Still, in circulation more than 150 after its original date of publication, the paper strives to report news in an unbiased fashion. It was a penny paper when it all began. While the price has increased over time, what hasn&rsquo… read more

A Hobby That's Good for Your Health

If your hobby is gardening then there is good news, it's also good for your health. Here are just a few of the reasons why. After sitting at your desk all day moving around in the garden and completing the work at a leisurely pace which is all your own is a pleasure. You are creating something beautiful and it may just… read more

Footage stock

When choosing a footage company to use, there are a few things you should know. Often, you get a choice between commercial or editorial footage stock. As the name suggests, commercial stock footage is used to sell a product. Editorial footage, on the other hand, is used by media outlets or a news platform to illustrate… read more

Family Dinner Night Ideas

Bring the whole family together around the table. If finding time to spend with the whole family in one place together is difficult, consider planning a family dinner night. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a dish that everyone enjoys or the time to cook together, but once you start getting the family passionate a… read more