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Recycle Your Clothes

Most people don't know that textiles, including apparel, makes up 12.7 million tons of waste. Its our job to reduce this number by thinking up creative strategies to reuse unwanted clothing. Whether you are making a quilt, jewelery, upcycling or something of your own invention - it makes a difference! Though there are … read more

Location Independent Careers

If you dream of the ability to travel, but the stability of a regular income, consider choosing a location independent career to finance your travels. Whether you want to work in the backyard or cafe in Mexico or on a tropical island, a location independent career is the best choice. Just like it sounds, location indep… read more

Get Top Results Posting Your Resume Online

Today many employers use the internet to search for potential job candidates, so, if you are posting your resume to an online job database it's important to make it as optimal as possible. As in any situation when you are presenting your resume, make sure that it gives a strong first impression of you and gets the read… read more

The First Step to a Strong Career in Finance

The first step to a strong career in finance is a good education with the right degree. This is where young professionals will get their first taste of what skills and knowledge are necessary to succeed in their business aspect of choice. Today's financial schools are well-equipped to offer students the training they w… read more

Why People Read a News Story

A survey has been done analyzing why readers click on a specific article in an online news source. The study questions what makes certain news appealing by what words are contained in the title and introductory text. In general the research was carried out by studying which articles were the most “popular” on any g… read more