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The Juvenile Justice System

The process used for juveniles who are under suspicion for committing a crime is different than that of adults in a similar case. As such, the juvenile court system was created. This court process offers police, prosecutors and judges a chance to discipline and offer alternatives to the offending juvenile. The police o… read more

Get Menopause Relief Through Diet Changes

It's not necessary to pump your body full of hormones to get some relief from menopause symptoms. Whether it's hot flashes or something else, it's not pleasant, but the answer doesn't have to be taking hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT can be quite dangerous, causing asthma, ovarian or breast cancer and othe… read more

The Dirty Sound of an MP3

As an MP3 is the most recent audio evolution, one assumes that it offers the highest quality sound. This however is just not true. When it was once CDs that seemed to lack the warmth of a record, today MP3s are missing something, with a fraction of the fidelity that a CD recording offers. The fact is that MP3s are miss… read more

Pilates for Posture

Pilates are a great tool for building core strength and thus are very helpful for posture. One learns how to use the abdominal muscles, the back and pelvic floor to support the trunk of the body, thus relieving stress on the legs, feet and hips. Everyone can recognize good posture and with a bit of sensitivity it's als… read more