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Throw a Christening Party

A christening party is a rite of passage in most babies lives, for both themselves and their families. It's also a great reason to get together and celebrate with friends. Some families have the party while the child is still very young, around 1 to 2 months, while others wait until the child is old enough to be aware … read more

Top NYC Museums

We all know that NYC has a huge array of museums to offer visitors, from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to MOMA, the Guggenheim and other, more specific art museums, however, don't forget about cultural museums like the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. It documents how over 12 million lower class passengers went throu… read more

Best Places to Rollerblade

Inline skating or roller blading is a great way to get your exercise and has also become a popular leisure sport in the USA. It requires fitness, flexibility, balance and strength. Rollerblade enthusiasts can choose between trails, distance competitions, skate parks, speed tests or urban routes. Here are some of the to… read more

Amazon Coins

Amazon is trying out the start of its own personal currency, the Amazon coin. If you already own a Kindle Fire tablet chances are you already know this and have been credited with the 500 coins to use as you will! Now mind you, these 500 coins are not the equivalent of $500 or 500 Euro, however, they allow shoppers to … read more

What is Fashion Sense?

Even though we live in a society that pushes a 'fashion and beauty' education on all the females that are a part of it, today many women still feel that they don't have a fashion sense or that they may not want one at all! The problem is there are so many choices available and trends change so quickly, if you don't hav… read more