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Safety on Cruise Ships

Whether it's a large scale disaster like the Costa Concordia in Italy in 2012, or individual deaths or disappearances, cruise ships can be dangerous. Their safety has become a recent issue to debate, as well as evacuation techniques and preparation. Due to these recent incidents, cruise ships have strengthened their sa… read more

Natural Beauty and Personal Care

What you put on your skin goes directly into your blood stream. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list for the beauty and personal care products you buy? 90% of the time they contain alcohol, soap, and other chemicals that in the long term are harmful for your body. Thankfully, natural skin care is becoming an imp… read more

How to Use for Deals

Find the products you want for prices that match your budget at! See the top search results for a wide range of products: whether you are looking for a shower curtain or plane tickets, our free comparison site makes it easy to find out the best prices online and locate vendors that meet your needs. Check … read more

iPhone: The Consumer Electronic of Choice

We all know how popular the iPhone is, but what people aren't prepared for is the mad popularity that will come with the iPhone mini or the iPhone Lite. As of now, it's just a rumour that this product exists, but the fact is that is Apple wants to remain competitive, this is going to be a necessary product for them to … read more

The Right Curriculum for Young Children: Play

Never underestimate the value of play as an educational tool. A good kindergarten program should focus on active play that involves discussions and artistic projects to enhance a child's creativity and reasoning skills. Crafts can delight children for hours and will build their independence and self esteem. Another fu… read more