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How to Burn More Calories Swimming

Everyone knows that half an hour of swimming is a great way to burn around 250 calories while having fun and toning your muscles, but why settle for just that? Here's how to burn more and still feel great. It's possible to push your swim workout up a notch with these simple tips. First of all, keep your heart rate up t… read more

How to Put Text on Pictures

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How Have Smoking Laws Change America's Health

Almost immediately after many American states began to put into act laws banning smoking in public places such as workplaces, restaurants and bar, the amount of related hospitalizations for heart attacks fell by 15%, while stroke hospitalizations fell by 16% and respiratory hospitalizations fell by 24%! The greater the… read more

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Hosting a Bar Mitzvah

Ironically, the party that follows the bar mitzvah usually gets more attention than the actual ceremony itself. It's actually a part of Jewish tradition that the child who is having the bar mitzvah host a party or festival afterwards. Recently though these festivals have become quite impressive and sometimes it seems t… read more