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Make Your Blowout Last

So you've gone through the time and the trouble to blowout your locks and they are looking great. Now here are a few tips to help make it last. First step first, always start with wet hair, the more your hair dries the harder it is to get curls and waves out. Secondly, push to dry it until it's 100% as this will make y… read more

What To Do in New Caledonia

What can be better than Pacific Island culture with a taste of France? That's New Caledonia. It offers surreal natural environments and chic resorts, the air conditioned city shops change into dramatic valleys and steep mountains with cascading waterfalls, there is even rainforests and gorgeous coastlines. Made up of s… read more

The Juvenile Justice System

The process used for juveniles who are under suspicion for committing a crime is different than that of adults in a similar case. As such, the juvenile court system was created. This court process offers police, prosecutors and judges a chance to discipline and offer alternatives to the offending juvenile. The police o… read more

The Serpentine Pavilion in London

The question was how to make a cloud out of steel, and Suo Fujimoto responded. One of the world's top new architects, Fujimoto made a cloud out of 28 kilometers of thin metal tubes that were cut up into tiny sections (27,000) and then rejoined (in 10,000 places). This will be the new pavilion of Serpentine Gallery, whe… read more