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Work as a Textile Designer

The position of a textile designer is an interesting hybrid between artist, fashion designer and artisan. In essence, a textile designer works to create a 2D design that can be used, most likely as a repeated pattern in a design to produce knits, woven fabric, printed fabric or other textile products. A textile designe… read more

Dance for Fitness

Like yoga, dance is an excellent way to have fun and stay toned. Best of all, the choices for dance are endless: tango, tap, belly dancing, hip hop, freestyle, jazz, ballet and many others. Dancing helps one lose and maintain a healthy weight, keep strong bones, improve posture and muscle strength while increasing coor… read more

How to Obtain a Job in Finance

The choices for a job in the financial field are endless! Besides the vast possibilities, it's a field that is open to all sorts of people and backgrounds because besides the fact that you'll need your math skills, good business also includes an important creative aspect. Due to the high level of competition in the fie… read more

How Does Parallels Bring Virtualization To Your Office?

When you need virtualization for your office, you need to find a company that allows you to run any program on any system. You want more variety when you are trying to remain productive in the office, but you cannot do that if you are not working with professionals who build new virtualization software every day. Paral… read more

Trends in Knitting

Knitting is no longer just for grandmothers, today it's a trend for people of all ages with a huge range of possibilities as far as design and creativity go. Only a few years ago knitting began to turn a new page and appeal to young crafters, simultaneously a large array of colorful, inventive new yarns, patterns and r… read more