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Appeal of American Apparel

The clothing company American Apparel is undoubtedly a large part of the hipster revolution, or it is at least responsible for keeping it dressed accordingly. The fact that American Apparel is a self-proclaimed sweatshop free company is important to many young people who wear their products. Their factory is located in… read more

Spotify Has Made the Joy of Music Even More Amazing

Spotify is undeniably popular. In fact, it's becoming so ubiquitous that people seldom stop to really consider just how groundbreaking it is. It's obviously a useful tool. And when a tool becomes perfectly intuitive we often forget it's even there. The focus shifts to what the tool does for us rather than on the tool a… read more

DIY Fashion

Tired of spending too much money on handmade clothes that are produced overseas by underpaid laborers? Now is the time to make your own. It's easy enough. You don't have to know pattern making or even how to use a sewing machine! It's enough to have good ideas and a pair of scissors with a basic knowledge of how to sew… read more

70s Clothing Making a Comeback

If you are someone that follows fashion chances are you have gotten into the habit of saving clothes that seem like they have gone in style – this is because you know they will always come back in later on. Someone that follows fashion knows it's cyclical and repeats itself. These days it's all about the 70s again. T… read more

The Future of Sustainable Clothing

The next generation of clothing may very well be made from organic materials like raw hemp! Sustainable apparel has been picking up steam in recent years. In the past, the low demand for such products has prevented its growth in the free market; sustainable production of a sustainable product could previously never rea… read more