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The Future of Sustainable Clothing

The next generation of clothing may very well be made from organic materials like raw hemp! Sustainable apparel has been picking up steam in recent years. In the past, the low demand for such products has prevented its growth in the free market; sustainable production of a sustainable product could previously never rea… read more

Where to Wed in London This Summer

The summer is a beautiful moment of the year to marry and there are several fantastic outdoor locations to make a memorable wedding. So whether you are looking for tradition, luxury or a church wedding, here are the best picks. For a classic venue that is a sophisticated choice, consider Syon Park nearby London. It has… read more

Work as a Textile Designer

The position of a textile designer is an interesting hybrid between artist, fashion designer and artisan. In essence, a textile designer works to create a 2D design that can be used, most likely as a repeated pattern in a design to produce knits, woven fabric, printed fabric or other textile products. A textile designe… read more

For those looking fir a large house

People living in a two or three bedroom house, those with families with three, four or more children, and perhaps grandma or grandpa too, can't be blamed if they spend an inordinate amount of time wishing for something bigger, and generally a lot bigger,5-bedrooms at least, six if they can afford it. But one of the pro… read more

Essential Wardrobe Apparel

It's possible to own a minimum amount of apparel and always look great. You just need to curate your wardrobe with care, creating a base collection of wardrobe essentials that work in many ways and keep you looking and feeling good. To begin: a plain white t-shirt. Obviously, the choices are endless. Then, select a com… read more