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Top Business Ideas for 2013

Whether you are trying to think of a successful product or strategy for your business or just looking for inspiration in what's new on the market check out some of the following innovative projects. Bring the Facebook "like" into your everyday life and material reality. Sometimes retailers find that it's difficult to … read more

Build a Community Garden

Bring your community together and enjoy getting your hands in the dirt while learning about the food to table movement by constructing a community garden. This is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Get started by pulling together neighbors, friends and everyone else who lives in your area. Regardless of wh… read more


Everyone wants top quality perfumes made from the powder of genuine fragrant blossoms, whether it be roses, Jasmin, gardenia, or any other flowers. You can just about picture the old fashioned mortar and pestle - creating delicious smells. However, some perfumes have been known to be so humanly magnetic they are a sort… read more

Use Groupon to Save on Dining

Groupon is a great way to save on hotels, dining, nightlife, and many other services and products. Let's focus on dining. To get started, sign up for free and insert your email address and city of choice to receive specific, relative offers. You'll receive daily notices or you can check out the site to see what's avail… read more

Los Angeles Nightlife

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Los Angeles is the city that never stops the party! With the great California weather year-round, rooftop pool parties at five star hotels and concerts at the beach are just a few of the things Los Angeles residents have to look forward to. Downtown LA and Hollywood are a… read more