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Best Global Internet Access Plan

Most people don't realize it, but many of the clothes we buy new still have the chemicals from the dyes, industrial cleaning agents and other products that are used in the preparation of a garment present in the fabric. That fabric is then in direct contact with our skin - the largest organ in the human body - and we a… read more

Best Low Fat Cheese Choices

You may have thought that cheese has to be entirely avoided when dieting, however, this is thankfully not the case! Cheese is a great source of protein, minerals, calcium and phosphorus – however it's also a source of saturated fat. Like most good things, cheese is best enjoyed in small quantities! In America we tend… read more

Why Give Green Gifts?

Each holiday that rolls around everyone feels obliged to shop til they drop finding the perfect gift for the special people in their life. So, while everyone loves a gift, the whole consumer process, over packaging and wasteful disposal is just not Earth friendly. This year, when the holiday season comes upon you, cons… read more

The Internet Economy

In an economy that has been slowly recovering from a downward spiral in 2008, the one field that seems to be unaffected is the Internet economy. The Internet continues to be useful in putting an ever-growing number of Americans to work. In fact, in the past four years, employment in the Internet sphere has doubled, add… read more

Doing Your Own Product Research

In this age of the internet with limitless information at our finger tips, it is absolutely silly not to take advantage of the opportunity to research products- especially expensive products- before we buy them. There are magazines that discuss and compare products for the aficionados, but for the average joe who is ju… read more