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Don't Buy Textbooks; Rent Them Instead

The College Board estimates that the average college student spends $1,200 per semester on textbooks. That’s a hefty amount added to the already expensive tuition rates and costs of living. Luckily, textbook rental is an alternative to buying the necessary books to earn a college degree. It’s an option that… read more

How to Make Your Own Soy Milk

If you don't drink cow's milk, chances are you are already familiar with soy milk and other dairy-free alternatives. But did you know that you can also make your own at home? It's fresher, healthier and less expensive! Soy can be a healthful food, however it's important to know how to best prepare it for better digesti… read more

A Legal Source for Dog Bite Victims

In the USA there is a specific law regarding dog bites, called the Dog Bite Law. Its basis is that dog owners are liable for all dog bites simply because they are the guardians of the animal. In the case that there are legal damages, this is usually covered by a homeowner or renter's insurance policy that may have been… read more

How to Burn More Calories Swimming

Everyone knows that half an hour of swimming is a great way to burn around 250 calories while having fun and toning your muscles, but why settle for just that? Here's how to burn more and still feel great. It's possible to push your swim workout up a notch with these simple tips. First of all, keep your heart rate up t… read more

Items You Would Never Expect to Be Stolen

If you aren't a thief, most likely you've only vaguely pondered what common stolen objects might be – something valuable, you may have thought: a car, expensive beauty products, jewelery, designer clothes, well here some of the most unexpected items that thieves love to steal! Prepare to be shocked, the most stolen b… read more