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Celebrity Clothing Lines

Clothing lines designed by celebrities are becoming more and more popular these days; they are perhaps even more prevalent than celebrity endorsed fragrances! It is increasingly common for chart topping, internationally recognized artists like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna to have their own women’s apparel lin… read more

Rihanna Style

Today Rihanna is one of the top celebrities to stand out for her unique style. In fact, she was even given the opportunity to design her own line of clothing with River Island, an American clothing brand. Her look is so unique and iconic that millions of young women follow her style on several of the popular and highly… read more

Rihanna: Rolemodel?

Recently the singer and fashion designer Rihanna has come under a lot of slack for being a bad role model. She's sexy, immodest, and is often seen making rude gestures. However, why does Rihanna have to be a role model at all? As a woman, Rihanna comes under scrutiny because of her sexy dressing style with bosom and bo… read more

Pros VS. Cons: Are Converse Shoes Worth Adding to Your Footwear Collection?

If you are contemplating picking up a pair of “Chucks”, then you are verging into a fashion trend that spans several decades of pop culture. From Kurt Cobain donning a pair of Converse in the iconic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video, to actress Scarlett Johansson rocking a pair of pink Chucks at t… read more

Kenzo Perfume: why you should get one

Since 1988, Kenzo has been providing illustrious scents to customers all over the world. This line of perfume never fails to satisfy the many needs of contemporary men and women. Lovers of fine fragrance can be sure that perfume by Kenzo will add an exquisite layer of sophistication and attraction to the way that peopl… read more