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Sneaky Tips for Healthier Eating

Making healthy choices is an important part of investing in your child’s future. Children with childhood obesity have a greater risk of getting diabetes later in life, so it is truly important for parents to make responsible choices when it comes to preparing meals and packing lunches. The difficult part is not alway… read more

How to Put Text on Pictures

Knowing how to put text on pictures or images so that they look just as you like is a very handy skill to have and will save you a lot of time fussing about on the computer. No matter if you are designing a logo, sign, brochure or something else, using text on an image will help readers understand your message. This ca… read more

The Danger of Paparazzi

Throughout history there have been many exaggerations on the part of the paparazzi while trying to photograph celebrities as they go about their lives. The paparazzi are a danger to the celebrity and invade his or her privacy and can also put their own lives in danger as they run around recklessly trying to get photos.… read more

Family Dinner Night Ideas

Bring the whole family together around the table. If finding time to spend with the whole family in one place together is difficult, consider planning a family dinner night. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a dish that everyone enjoys or the time to cook together, but once you start getting the family passionate a… read more

Will The Kitchen Robot Change Cooking Forever?

Have you heard about the Thermomix kitchen machine. In some European countries it is also called Bimby. It's reputation proceeds it as it seems to be able to create miracles in the kitchen. The Thermomix is made to multitask, it can cook, chop, weigh, crush, emulsify, whip, mix, steam, blend, knead, grind, simmer, grat… read more