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Paint Your Home With Natural Pigments

Natural earth pigments were once the only choice for painting a home – or anything for that matter – now however chemical-based colors have become the normal and low-cost choice. However, in the past years natural pigments are coming back as a popular choice both because of their beauty and as a healthy alternative… read more

Make a Successful Organic Garden

If you are growing your own fruits and vegetables the best choice is to make an organic garden. It doesn't require more work or more money and it will yield the same, if not more, fruits and vegetables than a non-organic garden would. Plus, you'll be feeding yourself and your family only the best foods that will help t… read more

Top Jobs for Travel

Want to get paid to see the world? If you can't afford to travel without work, here are some ideas. Consider working as a freelance writer/photographer. Contact companies like Lonely Planet and National Geographic. Today in certain countries there is a strong demand for ESL teachers, for example, working in Korea and A… read more

Electronic Cigarettes Are Dangerous

Though electronic cigarettes are presented as a healthy alternative to tobacco or even to quit smoking altogether it has been proved that they do cause damage to the lungs. By using a spirometry test scientists have found that the electronic cigarettes cause an instant increase in airway resistance that remains for u… read more

Wall Street Journal: How and Why You Should Subscribe

What is The Wall Street Journal?This is a newspaper that covers all kinds of topics that range from US to International issues like the environment and politics. It also has a magazine that covers all sorts of topics from home to fashion. It is based in New York and comes in English, Japanese, and Chinese. They started… read more