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Reduce the Risk of Elbow Injuries

If you do sports that raise your risk of elbow or wrist injuries, then this article is right for you. However, it's certainly helpful for anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary strains. Here are some suggestions for stretches and massage techniques that can help. By working out your forearm muscles you can improve stren… read more

Companies Try to Make Industrial Food Look Natural

In the latest of a multitude of ironies, the commercial food industry is now working to make their commercial food products look more natural and less processed and “perfect.” The billion dollar commercial food industry now wants to perfect the art of imperfection. For example, now that Domino's Pizza sells “arti… read more

Pet Odor Removal Products That Actually REMOVE the Odor for Good!

In this day and age, many households have at least one pet! With pets comes messes! Some are just simple spilled food bowls, scattered litter around the box or chewed up toys. But other messes can really make our house smell and look unsightly!With that being said, everyone who owns pets has purchased pet odor removal … read more

The Mediterranean Diet

By now most of us have heard of the famous Mediterranean Diet. Obviously, the diet is based on the native foods and eating styles of Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and France. It's not a typically American idea of dieting, as it doesn't have strict rules, but is based on eating seasonal foods that ar… read more

Organic Farm Internships

If you are passionate about organic farming and want to learn more about what it's like to actually live and work on an organic farm, consider organizing an internships. There are many organizations that bring together the tools and contacts for people to find an organic farm in their location of choice and contact the… read more