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What To Do In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the state's second largest city and from its founding it has boasted a beautiful climate and culture. Nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak, it's still possible to hike to the top of the 14,000 foot summit or take the Cog Railway up to catch the view. The city continues to offer a wide range of cultural… read more

Tour Coffee Plantations on a Hawaiian Island

If your hobby is drinking delicious coffee then don't waste another moment – book your trip to a coffee plantation in Hawaii. The most famous Hawaiian coffee comes from Kona island, which has high elevation, cloudy skies and rich volcanic soil which make it perfect for making a unique coffee bean. The choices for whi… read more

Identifying Food Allergies

Dealing with food allergies can be difficult for those who have become accustomed to sticking with a set grocery list. However, when allergic reactions, especially in children, are present there are certain adjustments to the grocery list that can easily be made with the right information. When a parent or doctor becom… read more

Healthier Grocery Shopping

It seems like the whole country is suddenly becoming more health conscious. Whether this is because of the new awareness of pesticides and GMOs, it has definitely led to changes in most grocery lists. Supermarkets like Whole Foods that carry organic and vegan products are notorious for being considerably more expensive… read more

How to Make Swedish Clogs

Wooden soled shoes are all the rage this season. Now you can save a lot of money and learn a beautiful new hobby: make your wooden soled clogs! Swedish clogs are made with the same hand craftsmanship that was used on them in 70s when they first became hip to wear. The wooden sole is cut out on a machine from a resistan… read more