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Healthy Foods for a Deep Sleep

Did you know that you that the foods you eat can determine the quality of your sleep later on? For those insomniacs or anyone that just wants to obtain the best rest possible, here are some suggestions for a bed time snack that will do the trick. The secret is a food that combines tryptophan with something rich in carb… read more

Get Menopause Relief Through Diet Changes

It's not necessary to pump your body full of hormones to get some relief from menopause symptoms. Whether it's hot flashes or something else, it's not pleasant, but the answer doesn't have to be taking hormones. Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT can be quite dangerous, causing asthma, ovarian or breast cancer and othe… read more

What To Do in New Caledonia

What can be better than Pacific Island culture with a taste of France? That's New Caledonia. It offers surreal natural environments and chic resorts, the air conditioned city shops change into dramatic valleys and steep mountains with cascading waterfalls, there is even rainforests and gorgeous coastlines. Made up of s… read more

Organic Tomatoes For Better Health

The humble tomato has recently been recognized for its quality to reduce the risk or cardiovascular disease and tumours. This is especially true for organic tomatoes, who have a micro-fungus that is very beneficial, much like that found in the human intestine. Tomatoes contain: Ascorbic acid, vitamin E, antioxidants an… read more