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Community Lending: The New Revolution in Banking

Virtual banks are the new frontier of managing finances, and because many people do not trust big banks anymore, online banking and banking apps are simply not enough. Puddle is a type of virtual banking that actually involves no bank at all; it is actually a transaction facilitated between friends or at least within a… read more

How to Put Text on Pictures

Knowing how to put text on pictures or images so that they look just as you like is a very handy skill to have and will save you a lot of time fussing about on the computer. No matter if you are designing a logo, sign, brochure or something else, using text on an image will help readers understand your message. This ca… read more

Brighten Your Home With Potted Plants

Do you have a pesky concrete slab in front of your house or maybe you don't have outdoor space to put in a garden. In this case, the best solution to add color, light and cheer to your home is potted plants. They add interest and beauty to a space and there are no limits regarding your creativity, use of color or which… read more

Footage stock

When choosing a footage company to use, there are a few things you should know. Often, you get a choice between commercial or editorial footage stock. As the name suggests, commercial stock footage is used to sell a product. Editorial footage, on the other hand, is used by media outlets or a news platform to illustrate… read more

How Have Smoking Laws Change America's Health

Almost immediately after many American states began to put into act laws banning smoking in public places such as workplaces, restaurants and bar, the amount of related hospitalizations for heart attacks fell by 15%, while stroke hospitalizations fell by 16% and respiratory hospitalizations fell by 24%! The greater the… read more