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Lone Ranger Remake

There is a surprising amount of old-timers who are upset by the portrayal of their beloved childhood heroes, The Lone Ranger and his trusted companion, Tanto. It is very unlikely indeed for any film involving Johnny Depp to not be well received, but people have apparently made up their minds about this one. Depp was as… read more

New Kristen Wiig Movie

The new Kristen Wiig movie, “Girl Most Likely” seems to be slightly different than any of her past comedic endeavors. The film is in fact very different from anything she has done before, and only time will tell if people will receive it well. The rest of the starring cast is made up of big time Hollywood players o… read more

Why Read The New York Times?

Established in 1851, the New York Times is one of the greatest newspapers ever published. Still, in circulation more than 150 after its original date of publication, the paper strives to report news in an unbiased fashion. It was a penny paper when it all began. While the price has increased over time, what hasn&rsquo… read more

Spotify Has Made the Joy of Music Even More Amazing

Spotify is undeniably popular. In fact, it's becoming so ubiquitous that people seldom stop to really consider just how groundbreaking it is. It's obviously a useful tool. And when a tool becomes perfectly intuitive we often forget it's even there. The focus shifts to what the tool does for us rather than on the tool a… read more

How Does Parallels Bring Virtualization To Your Office?

When you need virtualization for your office, you need to find a company that allows you to run any program on any system. You want more variety when you are trying to remain productive in the office, but you cannot do that if you are not working with professionals who build new virtualization software every day. Paral… read more