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Identifying Food Allergies

Dealing with food allergies can be difficult for those who have become accustomed to sticking with a set grocery list. However, when allergic reactions, especially in children, are present there are certain adjustments to the grocery list that can easily be made with the right information. When a parent or doctor becom… read more

How to Burn More Calories Swimming

Everyone knows that half an hour of swimming is a great way to burn around 250 calories while having fun and toning your muscles, but why settle for just that? Here's how to burn more and still feel great. It's possible to push your swim workout up a notch with these simple tips. First of all, keep your heart rate up t… read more

Does Nature Photography Harm the Environment?

What may have at first glance seemed like a simple question is actually quite complex. Sure, nature photography is an excellent way to sure the beauty of the natural world with people who may not be able to appreciate it first-hand. And in fact, in some cases it may be a powerful tool to raise awareness about animals t… read more

Hide Healthy Foods in a Brownie!

Some of you may have already heard about Jessica Seinfeld's (wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld) innovative recipe to get kids to eat their vegetables. The recipe is called Deceptively Delicious Brownies and inside this delicious taste are a ton of ingredients that are really good for you. Just remember not to eat them un… read more

Items You Would Never Expect to Be Stolen

If you aren't a thief, most likely you've only vaguely pondered what common stolen objects might be – something valuable, you may have thought: a car, expensive beauty products, jewelery, designer clothes, well here some of the most unexpected items that thieves love to steal! Prepare to be shocked, the most stolen b… read more