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The Book of Mormon Musical

Now that the Book of Mormon musical has migrated from New York to Los Angeles and can be seen even in London, the musical has created even more buzz as it starts its tour worldwide. The creators of the critically acclaimed Broadway musical are the same men who are responsible for the ridiculous and always controversial… read more

Duty Free Shopping in the Bahamas

Every vacation deserves a little retail therapy and the Bahamas is a particularly great place to do that. Why? Besides the huge variety of shops available, Nassau Paradise Island is also duty-free shopping, which means you can save up to 50% on regular U.S. Priced items. So after you've hit the beach, cool down with a … read more

Swing Dancing

Swing dance is a gorgeous combination of a specific historical and cultural moment. It dates back to the 1920s, the African American community began to evolve their own dance moves to the Lindy Hop and Charleston while dancing to contemporary jazz. This quickly picked up speed as Swing dancing can be seen in many Holly… read more

Amazon Coins

Amazon is trying out the start of its own personal currency, the Amazon coin. If you already own a Kindle Fire tablet chances are you already know this and have been credited with the 500 coins to use as you will! Now mind you, these 500 coins are not the equivalent of $500 or 500 Euro, however, they allow shoppers to … read more

Pros VS. Cons: Are Converse Shoes Worth Adding to Your Footwear Collection?

If you are contemplating picking up a pair of “Chucks”, then you are verging into a fashion trend that spans several decades of pop culture. From Kurt Cobain donning a pair of Converse in the iconic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ video, to actress Scarlett Johansson rocking a pair of pink Chucks at t… read more