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Your Best Smartphone

In the market for a smartphone? The choices can certainly be overwhelming! Once you've selected a carrier there is the still issue of how many phones are available out there – and they all look the same! Not to mention all the new players on the smartphone market. Here are the top 8 smartphones on the market. Samsung… read more

Most Useful iPhone Apps

There is an “app” for everything, they say. Applications for smart phones have quickly become crutches for nearly every daily activity imaginable. In addition to apps that are built for convenience and strictly practical purposes, there are also apps that give smart phone users the opportunity to be more creative a… read more

The New Generation of iPhone

With the release date of the iPhone on the horizon, there have been rumors about what the new bells and whistles may be. Some people look forward to the release of new iPhones like a holiday, waiting in line to be among the first to have one. It is still uncertain whether the new device will be called the iPhone 5s or … read more

iPhone: The Consumer Electronic of Choice

We all know how popular the iPhone is, but what people aren't prepared for is the mad popularity that will come with the iPhone mini or the iPhone Lite. As of now, it's just a rumour that this product exists, but the fact is that is Apple wants to remain competitive, this is going to be a necessary product for them to … read more

Footage stock

When choosing a footage company to use, there are a few things you should know. Often, you get a choice between commercial or editorial footage stock. As the name suggests, commercial stock footage is used to sell a product. Editorial footage, on the other hand, is used by media outlets or a news platform to illustrate… read more