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The Mediterranean Diet

By now most of us have heard of the famous Mediterranean Diet. Obviously, the diet is based on the native foods and eating styles of Mediterranean countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and France. It's not a typically American idea of dieting, as it doesn't have strict rules, but is based on eating seasonal foods that ar… read more

Best TV Series of All Time

When it comes to art and entertainment, the choices are varied and endless, but here are some suggestions for the best TV series of all time. Let's start with comedy: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is full of pearls of genius hilarity to share with viewers. If you loved Seinfeld, this show will tickle more than just your funny… read more

The Future of 3D in Films

The future of 3D in the world of cinema brings out a heated debate. Martin Scorsese says he'll only make 3D movies for his future projects, James Cameron – the maker of Avatar – believes 3D is inevitable as the way all of us will view entertainment, while other critics find 3D to be a shallow stand in for poor acti… read more

Save on Natural Foods

Does it seem like every time you go into the natural food store you come out with a small bag of groceries and a big hole in your pocket? There is no doubt that organic and natural foods come with a high price tag, however, it's possible to cut corners without losing quality. Just like in the regular supermarket, the m… read more

What is Homoeopathic Medicine?

Have you heard people raving about homoeopathic medicine recently? This antique field is regaining popularity of late. However, few people understand what homoeopathy really is and how it works. In essence, the base theory is treat like with like. By using highly diluted substances, the body's natural healing system is… read more