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Best Credit Cards for Small Retailers

While building a business, it's often necessary to have access to money via credit cards. That said, it's best to have the best credit card for your needs and economy. Your purchases should help earn your rewards, get money back and pay little for interest, etc...However one of the main surprises that business owners w… read more

Rent a Beach House in Mexico

Thanks to fantastic new sites like AirBnb it's possible to find a rental room or apartment in Mexico that meets your needs and budget. The selection is the best part, as people rent out their own homes, second homes, shacks on the beach or luxury city apartments. In Mexico you'll find a lovely selection that reflects t… read more

Writing a Business Plan: A Road Map to Success

Though many people feel intimidated by the idea of writing out a business plan, this is an essential and useful first step in organizing one's ideas and goals while outlining a realistic business strategy to build revenue and stability in the coming years. A business plan should lay out the scope of the company and the… read more

Choosing a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

There are several factors to consider when choosing a medical malpractice lawyer. First of all, find out if there is a contingent fee, some lawyers will ask for it and others will take your case without a fee until you win the case, at which point they are paid. Listen to what your lawyer has to tell you – is it bett… read more

Essential Wardrobe Apparel

It's possible to own a minimum amount of apparel and always look great. You just need to curate your wardrobe with care, creating a base collection of wardrobe essentials that work in many ways and keep you looking and feeling good. To begin: a plain white t-shirt. Obviously, the choices are endless. Then, select a com… read more