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A Hobby That's Good for Your Health

If your hobby is gardening then there is good news, it's also good for your health. Here are just a few of the reasons why. After sitting at your desk all day moving around in the garden and completing the work at a leisurely pace which is all your own is a pleasure. You are creating something beautiful and it may just… read more

Make the Party Into a Gift Itself

Everyone loves a good birthday party – that goes from 3 year olds up to 50 year olds! Turn a birthday party into a gift and you've done more than your share of giving. Children love the surprise and grown ups love not having to do all the work organizing and preparing – or cleaning up afterwards. If you are willing… read more

Emotions for New Mothers

Though the media and our society depicts the moment a woman becomes a new mother as the most exciting and wonderful period of her life (thought at least they are honest and leave tired in there!), there is an unspoken side. Mixed emotions, depression and postpartum symptoms are all too common. No expectant mother can e… read more

Will Credit Cards Make You a Bad Person?

Once a cashless society, where physical money is no longer used, seemed impossible, today thanks to credit cards it has become a reality. In the 1970s, in the USA, 80% of Americans didn't have a credit card, today 80% of American do have a credit card. We can all agree that when we have a card and no cash it's a hassle… read more

Improve Hip Flexibility With Yoga Stretches

Healthy hips should not be underrated. Today more people work in sedentary positions in front of their computer, day in and day out, slowly hardening the muscles in their hip and pelvic zone, eventually leading to back pain and other disturbances. The pelvis has an important role and a big workload: it is the fulcrum b… read more